We had the pleasure of creating over 35+ videos for Premier Martial Arts in 2020. Their franchise is on fire right now and growing all across the Nation.


They came to us with the need to supply their network with consistent media throughout the year. We also were able to turn their sales process from a paperback process into a video series that can be played at all of their locations. 

We also launched a media portal that allows all of their franchise owner's 24/7 access to photos and videos. By increasing their brand reach and awareness they have seen unmatched growth over the past two years. They have over 200 locations with their sights set on 600 in the next few years.



We've had the privilege to work with Cubic and it's subsidiaries for over three years. They make the world better through innovation, technology solutions and world-class products in defense and transportation.

With shoot's in California, South Carolina, North Carolina and Tennessee all within the last year. We certainly know how to travel  with them ;) 


Blount County Partnership came to us five years ago and asked us to help them make a piece that would captivate the millennial generation and educate them on why Blount County is the place to start writing your story, build your career and live life to its fullest potential. Since then, we have had the pleasure of working with them on several projects. Most of which have been used on social, web and tv outlets. 

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Where to begin with this was a blast from start to finish. Our friends at Asen Marketing called us to help turn their storyline into some bright and inviting visuals. 

We were tasked with a high sensory intro that captivates the audience and retains their attention from start to finish. How'd we do?

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Jim and his team have been friends, clients and great partners for years. Our paths crossed the first year we launched Haven and it couldn't have come at a better time.


Last year we were able to put together this brand video, telling their story from start til now. Their history and culture in the Knoxville community runs deep and is well known for excellence and customer service. 

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iTOOLco is a unique research and development company that has led the electrical tool industry with their groundbreaking designs since 2001. iTOOLco inventors have developed and patented over 25 successful products, many of which have been top sellers, in addition to winning many prestigious awards, including numerous NECA Showstopper Awards.


D1 Training Hardin Valley, a sports training facility  that is dedicated to your optimal success. They offer a variety of programs for kids, adults, and professional athletes.

We were able to put together a short highlight video that they used for a summer campaign to boost membership and brand awareness.


To create content that not only captivates but also invokes a train of thought that breaks our routine. To give every story the proper platform it deserves.


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